The topics in issue 12 /631/ 2016 of “Zemedelska tehnika” are agriculture in regions and agricultural machinery. There is an interview with doc. dr.  Kaloyan Stoyanov from Ruse University „Angel Kanchev“. He talks about  XVIII-th Specialized Ruse Exhibition, held at the University; which companies took part in it; about the […]

Synopsis issue 12

The topics in issue 10 /629/ 2016 of “Zemedelska tehnika” newspaper are the exhibition in Ruse and agricultural machinery. There is information about the opening of the contest „Contribution to the mechanization of agriculture“ which will be on May 12th during the XVIII Specialized exhibition in Ruse. The material from […]

Synopsis issue 10

The topics in issue 7 /626/ 2016 of „Zemedelska tehnika“ newspaper are „Forest Week“ and the exhibition “Nature, hunting and fishing“. There is material about the first independent steps of newspaper „Zemedelska tehnika“, after being sold to „Stopanin“ Ltd. and stopped be published for three months. On April 9th, 1993 […]

Synopsis issue 7