Synopsis issue 7

The topics in issue 7 /626/ 2016 of „Zemedelska tehnika“ newspaper are „Forest Week“ and the exhibition “Nature, hunting and fishing“.

There is material about the first independent steps of newspaper „Zemedelska tehnika“, after being sold to „Stopanin“ Ltd. and stopped be published for three months. On April 9th, 1993 the first completely separate issue of the newspaper is published.

Nenko Ivanov is considering a greenhouse production of vegetables. He analyzes the problems in vegetable production, techniques used  inside of a greenhouse and his future plans.

Emil Kovachev, CEO of Telcom Engineering, is talking about the company’s establishment; top priorities at the moment; use of electric vehicles in agriculture and the effect of their use; the company’s breakthrough in the Chinese market and will there be a co-production with the Bulgarian company.

There is short material about the annual forum for energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management and recycling, organized by Via Expo.

There is information for the 22nd edition of the exhibition „Nature, hunting and fishing“, which is part of the International Fair Plovdiv.

A material about the Week of the Forest – information about the area of ​​the forest territories in Bulgaria, forest areas’ state and afforested woodlands.

There is information about the annual use of wood in the southeastern state enterprise in Sliven.

„Zemedelska tehnika“ newspaper is starting a new rubric – it will be connected with the exploitation and maintenance of machine tractor park. The first publication in it is an interview with Ilonka Georgieva from „Universal – NVG“. She talks about the activity of the company and  its innovations presented at BATA AGRO. Ilonka Georgieva shares  how she feels as a young woman in this sector, seen as a man’s world.

There is published material about the new Agricultural center of Opticom in Montana whose official opening will be on May 12th. Described is with what base situates, how many people work there etc.

In an interview Petko Vassilev, manager for Bulgaria of KWS, shares his impressions of AGRA 2016 and developments planned for this year related to new hybrids, a new fair program for their clients etc.

In an interview for „Zemedelska tehnika“ Ivaylo Gelov, manager of IG Net, is presenting the company; his impressions of Agra 2016 and company’s future development.

In a material Zlatex presents the new series of Valtra – the most powerful four-cylinder tractor in the world.

Petia Kostadinova’s material „A Gaze at the Stars“ is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the first flight to space and on April 12th – the day of cosmonautics.

Business information is by Petya Noeva and is about the normative acts in agriculture published in February-March 2016.

The rubric „Agricultural market“ is about agricultural machines and their prices.

There are advertisements about agricultural machines, service companies, navigation systems and others.

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